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Chapter 18: Temperature, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics

Fundamentals Of Physics
Pages: 514 - 548

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120 Questions for Chapter 18: Temperature, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics

  1. A pendulum clock with a pendulum made of brass is designed to keep accurate time at 230C. Assume it is a simple pendulum consisting of a bob at one end of a brass rod of negligible mass that is pivoted about the other end. If the clock operates at 0.00C, (a) does it run too fast or too slow, and (b) what is the magnitude of its error in seconds per hour?

    Found on Page 548
  2. A solid cube of edge length r, a solid sphere of radius r, and a solid hemisphere of radius r, all made of the same material, are maintained at temperature 300 K in an environment at temperature 350 K. Rank the objects according to the net rate at which thermal radiation is exchanged with the environment, greatest first.

    Found on Page 540
  3. What is the volume of a lead ball at 30.000Cif the ball’s volume at60.00oC is50.00cm3?

    Found on Page 541
  4. A hot object is dropped into a thermally insulated container of water, and the object and water are then allowed to come to thermal equilibrium. The experiment is repeated twice, with different hot objects. All three objects have the same mass and initial temperature and the mass and initial temperature of the water are the same in the three experiments. For each of the experiments, Fig. 18-29 gives graphs of the temperatures Tof the object and the water versus time t. Rankthe graphs according to the specific heats of the objects, greatest first.

    Found on Page 540
  5. An aluminum-alloy rod has a length of 10.00 cmat 20.000Cand a length of 10.015 cmat the boiling point of water.

    Found on Page 541
  6. Find the change in volume of an aluminum sphere with an initial radius of 10 cmwhen the sphere is heated from0.0oCto100.0oC.

    Found on Page 541
  7. When the temperature of a copper coin is raised by 100OC, its diameter increases by 0.18%.To two significant figures, give the percent increase in

    Found on Page 541
  8. A steel rod is 3.00 cmin diameter at25.00oC. A brass ring has an interior diameter of 2.992 cm at25.00oC. At what common temperature will the ring just slide onto the rod?

    Found on Page 541
  9. When the temperature of a metal cylinder is raised from0.0oCto100oC, its length increases by 0.23%

    Found on Page 541
  10. A 0.400 kg sample is placed in a cooling apparatus that removes energy as heat at a constant rate. Figure 18-32 gives the temperature T of the sample versus time t; the horizontal scale is set by ts=80.0 min. The sample freezes during the energy removal. The specific heat of the sample in its initial liquid phase is 300 J/kgK . (a) What is the sample’s heat of fusion and (b) What is its specific heat in the frozen phase?

    Found on Page 542

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