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Chapter 17: Magnetic Field

Matter & Interactions
Pages: 673 - 715

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11 Questions for Chapter 17: Magnetic Field

  1. If 1.8×1016 electrons enter a light bulb in 3ms, what is the magnitude of the electron current at the point in the circuit? If the electron current at a particular location is a circuit is 9×1018 electrons/s, how many electrons pass that point in 10min ?

    Found on Page 674
  2. Given that v→=<vx,vy,vz>and r^=<x,y,z>x2+y2+z2, write out role="math" localid="1655386437949" v→×r^ as a vector.

    Found on Page 673
  3. The electron current in a horizontal metal wire is3.7×1018electrons, and the electrons are moving to the right. What are the magnitude and direction of the conventional current?

    Found on Page 673
  4. You have used copper wires in your circuits. Let’s calculate the mobile electron density n for copper. A mole of copper has a mass of 64g (0.064kg), and one mobile electron is released by each atom in metallic copper. The density of copper is about 9g/cm3or(9×103kg/m3). Show that the number of mobile electrons per cubic meter in copper is 8.4×1028m-3.

    Found on Page 673
  5. In a circuit consisting of a long bulb and two flashlight batteries in series the conventional current is about 0.1 A. What is the magnetic field 5 mm from the wire? (This is about how far away the compass needle is when you place the Wire on top Of the compass) Is this a big or a small field?

    Found on Page 673
  6. A current-carrying wire oriented north-south and laid over a compass deflects the compass 150east. What are the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field made by the current? The horizontal component of Earth’s magnetic field is about 2×10-5T .

    Found on Page 676
  7. A straight wire of length 0.62 m carries a conventional current of 0.8 A. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field made by the current at a location that is a perpendicular distance 2.9cm from the center of the wire? Use both the exact equation and the approximate equation to calculate the field.

    Found on Page 673
  8. A long straight wire carries a conventional current of 0.9 A. What is the approximate magnitude of the magnetic field at a location a perpendicular distance of 0.035 A from the wire due to the current in the wire?

    Found on Page 709
  9. An How does the magnetic field of a moving point charge fall off with distance at a given angle: like 1r , 1r2 or 1r3 ?

    Found on Page 707
  10. The electron mobility in copper is 4.5×10-3(m/s)/(N/C), and the density of mobile electrons is8.4×10-28m-3 . In a copper wire 1mm in diameter there is an electric field whose magnitude is 0.05N/C. What is the conventional current in this wire? (Note that a small electric field drives a sizable current in copper, which is a good conductor.

    Found on Page 682

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