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Chapter 21: Patterns of Field in Space

Matter & Interactions
Pages: 867 - 901

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17 Questions for Chapter 21: Patterns of Field in Space

  1. The electric field is horizontal and has the values indicated on the surface of cylinder as shown in Figure 21.65. What can you deduce from this pattern of electric field? Include a numerical result.

    Found on Page 898
  2. The electric field has been measured to be horizontal and to the right everywhere on the closed box as shown in Figure 21.66. All over the left side of box E1=100V/m and all over the right (slanting) side of box E2=300V/m.On the top the average field is E3=150V/m , on the front and back the average field is E4=175V/mand on the bottom the average field is E5=220V/m.How much charge is inside the box?

    Found on Page 898
  3. The center of a thin paper cube in outer space is located at the origin. Each edge is 10 cm long. The only other objects in the neighborhood are some small charged particles whose charges and position at this instant are following: +9 nC at (4,2,-3) cm, -6 nC at (1,-3,2) cm, +7 nC at (15,0,4) cm, +4 nC at (-1,3,2) cm and -3 nC at (-2,12,-3) cm. The electric flux on the five of the six faces of the cube totals 564 V m. What is the flux on the other face?

    Found on Page 898
  4. Question: A negative point charge –Q is at the center of a hollow insulting spherical shell, which has an inner radius R1 and an outer radius R2. There is a total charge of +3Q spread uniformly throughout volume of insulating shell, not just on its surface. Determine the electric field for (a) r<R1 (b) R1<r<R2 (c) R2<r.

    Found on Page 899
  5. You may have seen a coaxial cable connected to a television set. As shown in Figure 21.69, a coaxial cable consists of a central copper wire of radiusr1 surrounded by a hollow copper tube (typically made of braided copper wire) of inner radiusr2 and outer radius r3. Normally the space between the central wire and the outer tube is filled with an insulator, but in this problem assume for simplicity that this space is filled with air. Assume that no current runs in the cable.

    Found on Page 899
  6. A straight circular plastic cylinder of length L and radius R ( where R<<L) is irradiated with a bean of protons so that there is a total excess charge Q distributed uniformly throughout the cylinder. Find the electric field inside the cylinder, a distance r from the center of the cylinder far from the ends, where r < R.

    Found on Page 899
  7. Figure 21.70 shows a close-up of the central region of a capacitor made of two large metal plates of area , very close together and charged equally and oppositely. There are +Q and -Q on the inner surfaces of the plates and small amounts of charge +q and -q on the outer surfaces.

    Found on Page 867
  8. In Figure 21.15 the magnitude of the electric field is 1000 V/m, and the field is at an angle of 30oto the outward-going normal. What is the flux on the small rectangle whose dimensions are 1 mmby2 mm ?

    Found on Page 870
  9. The electric field on a closed surface is due to all the charges in the universe, including the charges outside the closed surface. Explain why the total flux nevertheless proportional only to the charges that are inside the surface, with no apparent influence of the charges outside.

    Found on Page 897
  10. Along the path shown in Figure 21.46 the magnetic field is measured and is found to be uniform in magnitude and always tangent to the circular path. If the radius of the path is 3 cmand Balong the path is 1.3×10-6 T, what are magnitude and direction of the current enclosed by the path?

    Found on Page 886

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