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Modern Physics
Found in: Page 405
Modern Physics

Modern Physics

Book edition 2nd Edition
Author(s) Randy Harris
Pages 633 pages
ISBN 9780805303087

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Short Answer

  1. Calculate the average speed of a gas molecule in a classical ideal gas.
  2. What is the average velocity of a gas molecule?

  1. The average speed of gas molecule in a classical ideal gas is 8kBTπm.
  2. The average velocity of gas molecule is zero.
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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Maxwell Probability Distribution.

P(v)=(m2πkBT)324πv2e-mv2kBT …..(1)


m is the mass of the particle.

v is velocity of particle.

T is temperature.

kB is Boltzmann constant.

Average speed


Substituting expression (1) in (2).


Let b=12a2=m2kBT


Step 2: Average Velocity.

  1. The average velocity of a body is the pace at which it changes position from one location to another. It's a quantity with a vector. The fact that gas molecules move in random directions is well known, and so the gas molecules have velocity in all possible directions. As a result, the vector sum of all velocities equals zero. As a result, a gas molecule's average velocity is zero.

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