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Q. 37

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 512

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Short Answer

of gas undergoes the process shown in FIGURE EX18.37.

a. What type of process is this?

b. What is the final temperature in ?

c. What is the final volume ?

a. This type of process is called Isothermal.

b. The final temperature is ?

c. The final volume is ?

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1 : Given information and Formula used 

Given : Gas's initial temperature :

Undergoes the process shown in FIGURE EX18.36

Theory used :

In Thermodynamics, an Isothermal Process is a type of thermodynamic process in which the temperature of a system remains constant, i.e., .

The ideal gas law () relates the macroscopic properties of ideal gases. It shows the relationship between the four state variables of an ideal gas.

Step 2 :  Defining what type of process this is .

(a) For the isothermal process, the diagram is shown as a hyperbolic graph, as can be seen in FIGURE EX18.37.

Hence, the process is Isothermal .

Step 3 : Calculating the final temperature in 

(b) We solve equation for to be in the form

Given the initial pressure is and the initial volume .

So, the final temperature will be :


Step 4 : Finding the final volume . 

(c) The constant temperature process for the closed system has the constant product . That is

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