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Q. 32

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 925

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Short Answer

For the circuit of FIGURE EX32.32,

a. What is the resonance frequency, in both rad/s and Hz?

b .Find and at resonance.

c. How can be larger than ? Explain.



c. and have opposite phases

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Step by Step Solution

Part (a) Step 1 : Given information 

We have been given values of

Inductance ()=

Capacitance() =

We need to find out the resonant frequency , (in Hz) and (in rad/s)

Part(a) Step 2 : Detailed solution 

In a series LCR Circuit, the resonant frequency , is given by

Given ;


Part (b) Step 1: Given information 

We need to find out and at resonance

Resonance frequency () =

Voltage =

Part(b) Step 2: Detailed solution 

Part (c) Step 1:  Given information

We need to explain how can be larger than

Part(c) Step 2: Explanation

The voltage drop across the inductor can be greater than the applied voltage of ac because as and have opposite phases. Therefore, or may be greater than or

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