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Q. 48

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 201

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Short Answer

The 10 mg bead in FIGURE P8.48 is free to slide on a frictionless wire loop. The loop rotates about a vertical axis with angular velocity ω. If ω is less than some critical value ωc the bead sits at the bottom of the spinning loop. When ω > ωc the bead moves out to some angle θ

  1. What is ωc in rpm for the loop shown in the figure?
  2. At what value of ωc in rpm is θ=30o

1) Angular Speed of the ball is

2) The angular speed ωc in rpm is 143.52 rpm.

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Step by Step Solution

Part(1) Step 1 : Given Information

R = 5cm =0.05m


Part(1) Step 2: Explanation

First draw the Free body diagram and equate forces components.


Divide (2) by (1) we get

Solve it for ω, we get

Part(2) Step 1 : Given Information

R = 5cm=0.05m


Part(2) Step 2 : Explanation

Substitute the values in the equation (2), we get

Convert in rpm

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