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Q. 17

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 624

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Short Answer

What is the net electric force on charge in FIGURE?

The net electric force on charge is

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Step by Step Solution

step1: Formula of Force

I suggest drawing and labelling what's stated within the problem, then calculating the force on from () and therefore the force on from ().

To compute the forces on from each of the purpose charges, we use . is an vital note to stay in mind.

Step2: Forces on , and 

We start by calculating the forces that has on a. Because is positive and is negative, they're going to be interested to one other, and also the net force on are going to be the proper.

Since both and are positive, they repel one other, we must now determine the force exerts on . This means that 's net force is to the left.

Step3: Find the total force

Now that we all know the magnitudes of both point charges' forces, we are able to simply add them together to see the overall force. It seems to be as a matter of fact.

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