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Q. 34

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 902

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Short Answer

The magnetic field inside a -diameter superconducting solenoid varies sinusoidally between and at a frequency of .

a. What is the maximum electric field strength at a point from the solenoid axis?

b. What is the value of B at the instant E reaches its maximum value?

(a) The electric field at above the axis of solenoid is

(b) The value of the instant reaches its maximum is

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Step by Step Solution

Part(a) Step 1: Explanation

The solenoid is the current carrying wire. The electric field circles around inside the solenoid.

So at a distance .

And area

Part(a) Step 2:

When magnetic field varies sinusoidally the expression for magnetic field is.

Substitute for , for and for .


Substitute for for , and for

The electric field will be maximum when

Substitute (to write the above expression in term of).

Substitute for to find .

Part(b) Step 1: Explanation

The electric field reaches maximum when,


Where sine function goes to zero.

So when electric field reaches maximum,

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