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Chapter 30: Electromagnetic Induction

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Pages: 836 - 875

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101 Questions for Chapter 30: Electromagnetic Induction

  1. The magnetic field at one place on the earth's surface is 55μTin strength and tilted 60∘down from horizontal. A 200 turn coil having a diameter of 4.0 cm and a resistance of 2.0Ωis connected to a 1.0μFcapacitor rather than to a current meter. The coil is held in a horizontal plane and the capacitor is discharged. Then the coil is quickly rotated 180∘so that the side that had been facing up is now facing down. Afterward, what is the voltage across the capacitor?

    Found on Page 873
  2. The switch in FIGURE P30.77 has been open for a long time. It is closed at t=0s.

    Found on Page 874
  3. The earth's magnetic field strength is5.0×10−5T . How fast would you have to drive your car to create a 1.0Vmotional emf along your 1.0−m-tall radio antenna? Assume that the motion of the antenna is perpendicular toB→

    Found on Page 869
  4. What is the direction of the induced current in FIGURE Q30.1

    Found on Page 868
  5. 10. An inductor with a2.0A current stores energy. At what current will the stored

    Found on Page 869
  6. A solenoid is wound as show

    Found on Page 870
  7. 11. a. Can you tell which of the inductors in FIGURE Q30.11 has the larger current through it? If so, which one?

    Found on Page 869
  8. Found on Page 870
  9. The current in the solenoid of FIGURE EX30.12 is increasing. The solenoid is surrounded by a conducting loop. Is there a current in the loop? If so, is the loop current cw

    Found on Page 870
  10. 12. An LC circuit oscillates at a frequency of2000Hz . What will the frequency be if the inductance is quadrupled?

    Found on Page 869

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