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Q. 80

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 874

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Short Answer

The rectangular loop in FIGURE has resistance. What is the induced current in the loop at this instant?


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Step by Step Solution

Step1: Introduction

The Biot-Savart law permits us to estimate the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field produced by a current-carrying wire. at any point where, as a function of the segment, the magnetic flux of current-carrying wire is given by equation

To get the induced current through the loop, we use Ohm's law as shown within the next equation

Where is that the induced emf within the loop. From Faraday's law, the induced emf is that the change of the magnetic flux inside the loop and it's given by equation within the form

Where is that the flux through the loop which is that the amount of magnetic field that flows through a loop of area and it's given by

Step2: Find flux

The flux changes from point to point . Where is that the length of the loop. So, we integrate the flux over to

Step3: Find Induced Current

Let us use this expression of into equation to urge by

Where is that the velocity of the loop. We use this expression of into equation to induce the induced current

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