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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 129

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Short Answer

Problems 43 describe a situation. For each, draw a motion diagram, a force-identification diagram, and a free-body diagram.

A rocket is being launched straight up. Air resistance is not negligible.

The motion diagram states the velocity of the ball throughout the motion.

The force arises due to the air resistance and gravity.

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Step by Step Solution

Given information:

The rocket is accelerating upward.

Drawing the motion diagram of the rocket:

  • Consider the particle model for the diagram of the motion.
  • The motion of the particle is an object which is not influenced by its size and shape.
  • Assume that the rocket as if its mass is concentrated into a single point and model it as a simple dot.
  • The rocket deaccelerates under the gravitational acceleration g till it stops at the maximum height.
  • Draw the velocity vector upward. As the velocity of the rocket increases, the frame between the two dots increases. The frame represents the time interval or the distance between two dots.
  • The frames are not equal but increases from bottom to top.

Identifying the force acting on the rocket:

  1. One must find out the forces acting on the ball.
  2. The following steps has to be taken to find out the forces:
  1. Firstly, identify the object. Here the object is rocket and it is thrown upwards.
  2. Draw the picture of the rocket as shown in the below diagram.
  3. Draw a closed circle around the rocket.

There are three forces acting on the rocket:

  1. The drag force acting downward due to the air resistance.
  2. The long range force acting due to the gravity acting downward.
  3. The thrust force acting upward due to the engine of the rocket.

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