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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 794

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Short Answer

A circuit you’re using discharges a capacitor through an unknown resistor. After charging the capacitor, you close a switch at and then monitor the resistor current with an ammeter. Your data are as follows:

Use an appropriate graph of the data to determine

(a) the resis-tance and

(b) the initial capacitor voltage.

(a) The resistance is .

(b) The initial capacitor voltage is .

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Step by Step Solution

part (a) step 1 : Given Information.

We need to use an appropriate graph of the data to determine the resistance.

part (a) step 2 : Simply.

To discharge the capacitor, the charges flow through the circuit in time The initial current immediately after the switch closes is given by equation in form

This equation rules the graph. The graph is showing below, and if we take the fit for the graph, we find the initial current which is the maximum current at to be and the term

Now, we use the value of C to get the resistance by


part (b) Step 1: Given Information

We need to determine the initial capacitor voltage.

part (b) step 2: Simply 

The initial potential across the capacitor is calculated by,

So, let us plug the values for and R to get ,

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