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Chapter 21: Heat Engines and Refrigerators

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Pages: 570 - 601

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89 Questions for Chapter 21: Heat Engines and Refrigerators

  1. In going fromito localid="1648790171714" fin each of the three processes of FIGURE Q21.1, is work done by the system localid="1648790168795" W<0,Ws>0is work done on the system , or is no net work done on the system localid="1648790176001" W>0,Ws<0or is no

    Found on Page 593
  2. A heat engine does 200Jof work per cycle while exhausting 400Jof waste heat. What is the engine’s thermal efficiency?

    Found on Page 594
  3. It gets pretty hot in your apartment. In browsing the Internet, you find a company selling small "room air conditioners." You place the air conditioner on the floor, plug it in, and-the advertisement says_it will lower the room temperature up to . Should you order one10°F? Explain.

    Found on Page 594
  4. The cycle of FIGURE EX 21.10consists of four processes. Make a table with rows labeled Ato Dand columns labeled ∆Eth, Ws, and Q. Fill each box in the table with +,-, or 0to indicate whether the quantity increases, decreases, or stays the same during

    Found on Page 594
  5. The first and second laws of thermodynamics are sometimes stated as "You can't win" and "You can't even break even." Do these sayings accurately characterize the laws of thermodynamics as applied to heat engines? Why or why not?

    Found on Page 594
  6. How much work is done per cycle by a gas following thePV trajectory of FIGURE EX21.

    Found on Page 594
  7. A gas following the pVtrajectory of FIGURE EX21.12does 60Jof work per cycle. What is pmax

    Found on Page 594
  8. What are (a)Woutand QHand (b)the thermal efficiency for the heat engine shown inFIGUREEX21.1

    Found on Page 594
  9. What are (a) WoutandQHand (b) the thermal efficiency for the heat engine shown in FIGUREEX21.14?

    Found on Page 594
  10. What are (a) the thermal efficiency and (b) the heat extracted from the hot reservoir for the heat engine shown in FIGUREEX21.15?

    Found on Page 595

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