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Q. 21

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 595

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Short Answer

An air conditioner removes of heat from a house and exhausts to the hot outdoors.

a. How much power does the air conditioner’s compressor require?

b. What is the air conditioner’s coefficient of performance?

(A) Air conditioner's require

(B) Air conditioner coefficient of performance

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Step by Step Solution

Step :1 Introduction  (part a)

(a) For a time of we have . The corresponding powers are therefore

is the power at which heat is removed and is the power at which heat is thrown into the environment . It will be sum of heat extracted and electrical power used up.

The power used up by the system can be calculated by

Step :2 Explanation (part b)

(b) The coefficient performance can be calculated as


Numerically we will have

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