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Q. 50

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 62

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Short Answer

Two cars are driving at the same constant speed on a

straight road, with car 1 in front of car 2. Car 1 suddenly starts

to brake with constant acceleration and stops in 10 m. At the

instant car 1 comes to a stop, car 2 begins to brake with the

same acceleration. It comes to a halt just as it reaches the back of car 1. What was the separation between the cars before they starting braking?

The separation between the two cars before they starting braking is 20 m.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Introduction

If we consider that the car 1 is 'd' distance ahead of the car 2.

Distance travelled by the car 1 before stop is equal to s=10 m.

Step 2: Calculation of initial speed

Final velocity of car 1 is, v=0

Both the cars have an initial speed of u.

We can find the initial speed of the car 1 as, localid="1648229426605" 0=u2-2as


localid="1649233598509" role="math" u2=2asu2=2a×10mu2=20 ma ...i

Step 3: Calculation of distance

Now, the distance travelled by the car 2 in time t,

localid="1648230229587" d=utd=u×uaas t=uad=u2a...ii

Combining i and ii,

localid="1648230309339" d=20 maad=20 m


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