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Q. 8

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 353

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Short Answer

The escape speed from Planet X is 10,000 m/s. Planet Y has the same radius as Planet X but is twice as dense. What is the escape speed from Planet Y?

Escape velocity of Planet Y is 14140 m/sec

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Step by Step Solution

Step1 : Given Information

Escape velocity of planet X, is 10000 m/sDensity of planet Y is twice the density of planet X => ρx = 2ρy

Radius of planet Y is equal to the radius of planet X => Rx = Ry

Step2: Explanation

We can calculate escape velocity as

Where G = universal gravitational constant, M = mass of the planet r = radius of the planet

The escape velocity of planet X is

And for plant Y is

Now get the ratio and substitute values given


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