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Q. 40

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 1018

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Short Answer

Mordern microscopes are more likely to use a camera than human viewing. This is accomplished by replacing the eyepiece in figure with a photo-ocular that focuses the image of the objectives to a real image on the sensor of a digital camera. A typical sensor is wide and consists of wide pixels. suppose a microscopist pairs a objectives with a photo-ocular

a. what is the field of view? That is what width on the microscope stage in fills the sensor?

b. The photo of a cell is in a diameter. what is the cell's actual diameter in ?

a. The field of view is .

b. The cell's actual diameter is .

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Step by Step Solution

Part (a) Step 1: Given information 

We have given that:

Magnification of object,

width of typical sensor and

magnification of photo ocular.

We need to find the magnification M .

Part (a) Step 2: Simplification 

Let us find Magnification M:

(substitute values in equation.)

Therefore width will be,

substituting the values we get ,

Here, is the field of view.

part (b) Step 1: Given Information 

We need to find the cell's actual diameter in

part (b) step 2: Simplification

Firstly we have to find width of the photo of the cell:

Therefore Diameter is:

(substituting value in the equation.)

Here, is the cell's actual diameter.

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