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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 1016

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Short Answer

A diffraction-limited lens can focus light to a 10diameter spot on a screen. Do the following actions make the spot diameter larger, make it smaller, or leave it unchanged?

A. Decreasing the wavelength of the light.

B. Decreasing the lens diameter.

C. Decreasing the lens focal length.

D. Decreasing the lens-to-screen distance.

(A) Decrease

(B) Increase

(C) Decrease

(D) Increase

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Step by Step Solution

Part A).Step.1 Given Information 

Decreasing the wavelength of the light.

Part A) Step 2.simplify  

since ,hence from this dependence we have

Decreasing decreases

Part b).step 1. Given statement

Decreasing the lens diameter

Part b).Step 2.simplify

we know that

Therefore, Decreasing D increases

Part C).Step 1.Given statement

Decreasing the lens focal length.

Part C) Step 2.simplify

we have,

Therefore, Decreasing the focal length f will decreases

Part D) Step 1.Given Information 

Decreasing the lens-to-screen distance.

Part D) Step 2.simplify 

we know that

Decreasing the lens-to-screen distance means the screen is farther from the focal plane. This mean spot will get larger.

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