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Q. 13

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 415

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Short Answer

An air-track glider attached to a spring oscillates with a period of . At the glider is left of the equilibrium position and moving to the right at .

a. What is the phase constant?

b. What is the phase at , , , and ?

(a) The phase constant is

(b) The phase at is , at is , at is , at is

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Step by Step Solution

Step1: Find the Phase constant (part a)


left of equilibrium position

to the right side of the equilibrium position

Equation of wave is given,

We have to search out the Amplitude by divide the above equations,

Substitute the values and at ,

Step2: Find the Phase Constant (part a)

The absolute angle is , and also the displacement is , thus the direction is from to at , where , that the angle is within the third quadratic and is given from by,

Then, , we write within the variety of

Step3: Find Phase constant at  (part b)


To achieve the best possible positive amplitude,

so, the equation is

The angle is,






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