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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 1117

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Short Answer

In the atom interferometer experiment shown in Figure laser cooling techniques were used to cool a dilute vapor of sodium atoms to a temperature of . The ultracold atoms passed through a series of collimating apertures to form the atomic beam you see circling the figure from the left. The standing light waves were created from a laser beam with a wavelength of

a. What is the rms speed of a sodium atom in a gas at this temperature ?

b. By treating the laser beam as if it were a diffraction grating. cakculate the first-order diffraction angle of a sodium atom traveling with the rms speed of part a.

c. allow far apart are points and if the second sanding wave is from the first?

d. Because interference is observed between the two paths, each individual atom is apparently present at both point and point . Describe, in your own words, what this experiment tells you about the nature of matter.




(d) We can deduce that atoms behave like waves in terms of gets.

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Step by Step Solution

Step: 1 Given information

(a).The sodium atom in a gas at temperature $1.0 \mathrm{mK}$ ?

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