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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 990

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Short Answer

A -tall diver is standing completely submerged on the bottom of a swimming pool full of water. You are sitting on the end of the diving board, almost directly over her. How tall does the diver appear to be?

The diver appear to be

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Concepts and Principles

Refraction from either a datum plane can create a picture. For dispersion with such a surface, the object and image distances are linked by

The negative line shows that we would be dealing with a virtual image. is the reflectance of the object's medium, is the absorption coefficient of the writer's medium, and proximity The object distance, and the image distance are measured as from threshold.

Step 2: Given Data

  • Diver's true height is: .
  • The refractive index of water is .
  • The refractive index of air is .

Step 3: Required Data

We've been tasked with determining the diver's apparent height in relation to you.

Step 4: Solution

Equation combines the considerable distance of the dolphin's neck but also its picture here to viewer's eyes.

Step 5: Actual Distance

Equation compares the sort of barrier between it diver's legs to their picture in the eyes of the observer.

Step 6: Apparent Height

The difference between the visual distance of his face and his toes dictates the diver's apparent height. So


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