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Q. 70

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 334

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Short Answer

A 750 g disk and a 760 g ring, both 15 cm in diameter, are rolling along a horizontal surface at 1.5 m/s when they encounter a 15° slope. How far up the slope does each travel before rolling back down?

Disk will travel 0.66 m up the slope and Ring will travel 0.89 m up the slope

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Step by Step Solution

Step1: Given information

The mass of the disc=750 gm = 0.75kg

The mass of the ring=760 gm = 0.76kg Diameter of the disk and ring = 15 cm = 0.15 m Velocity of both on horizontal surface= 1.5 m/secAngle of inclination = 15o

Step2: Explanation

From the law of energy conservation

Total energy on horizontal floor = Total energy on inclined plane Kinetic energy of transnational motion + Kinetic energy of rotational motion = Potential energy on inclined plane

Calculate for DiscIn equation (1) substitute

Now substitute the given value

Calculate for Ring

Substitute value of in equation (1)

Substitute the value of

Substitute the given values, we get

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