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Q. 45

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 655

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Short Answer

Show that the on-axis electric field of a ring of charge has the expected behavior when and when .

Electrical field of a ring of charge,

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Step by Step Solution

Step: 1 Electrical field:

The electric field radiates outward in altogether directions from the purpose charge. Spherical equipotential surfaces are represented by the circles. A vector of the individual fields are often wont to calculate the electrical field from any amount of point charges.

Step: 2 Horizontal component of Electrical field:

The Horizontal component is

The vertical components are equal and opposite and cancel each other.

Applying integration and substituting the value to the equation,

Step: 3 Evaluate diagram:

Due to electric field at in .


(At and center of circle)


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