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Q. 3

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 709

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Short Answer

A proton is released from rest at the positive plate of a parallelplate capacitor. It crosses the capacitor and reaches the negative plate with a speed of 50,000 m/s. What will be the final speed of an electron released from rest at the negative plate?

The object's final speed is

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Step by Step Solution

Step :1 Electrostatic field  

Given information:

A proton speed reaches the negative place is .


The objective is to find final speed of proton.

We can estimate the changes in electric field seen between favourable and unfavourable plates for the electron using alternative energy:

We could obtain the quantity by situating the minus panel at and therfore the optimistic plate at using equation :

Step :2 Gravitational potential

The gravitational potential shift has been converted into energy.

From the angle of reducing emissions:

Step :3 Substitution 

Substituting the determined value from either the proton case:

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