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Q. 9

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 830

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Short Answer

Although the evidence is weak, there has been concern in recent years over possible health effects from the magnetic fields generated by electric transmission lines. A typical high-voltage transmission line is above the ground and carries a current at a potential of .

a. What is the magnetic field strength on the ground directly under such a transmission line?

b. What percentage is this of the earth’s magnetic field of ?

(a) The magnetic field strength is

(b) Percentage will be

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Step by Step Solution

Part (a) Step 1: Given information

We have given,

Height of transmission line =

Current ion transmission line =

we have to find the magnetic field at the ground due to transmission line.

Step 2: Simplify

The magnetic field strength due to long wire is

Part (b) Step 1: Given information

We have given,

Magnetic field of the earth =

we have to find the percentage of transmission magnetic strength to earth magnetic strength.

Step 2: Simply

The percentage will be

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