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Q. 26

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 567

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Short Answer

A sample of neon gas has of thermal energy. Estimate the average speed of a neon atom.

The average spped of a neon atom is

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Step by Step Solution

Step :1 Introduction 

The gravitational potential between atoms is 0 in the micro system, and the total energy of a monatomic gas equals translational kinetic energy.. As a result, a monatomic gas's thermal energy is atoms is given by equation in the form

Where is the average energy. The molecule with mass and velocity has a translational kinetic energy on average The average translational kinetic energy of a molecule is affected by its temperature, hence it is related to the temperature per molecule in the form.

Where is Boltzmann's constant and in unit its value is

Knowing the mass and the molar mass , we can get the number of molecules by

Step : 2 Explanation 

Use this expressions of and into equation (1) to get an expression for

Step :3 Substitution 

Solve equation

(3) for and use the values for and

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