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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 1118

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Short Answer

For the electron wave function shown in FIGURE Q39.3, at what position or positions is the electron most likely to be found? Least likely to be found? Explain.

Most likely to be found: x = -2, 0, +2

Least likely to be found x = -4, +4, -1 and +1

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Step by Step Solution

Concept used:

Determination of positions where electron would most likely be found.

Now as we know probability will be the square of wave function.And if we square this wave function, the whole graph will change to positive y axis with squared values.

So the point with highest values will be x = 0, 2nd highest will be at x = -2, +2

Points with minimum values after squaring will be+1, -1, -4 and +4 as function is approaching towards 0 there.


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