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Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 1139

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Short Answer

Consider the electron wave function

a. Determine the normalization constant c. Your answer will be in terms of L.

b. Draw a graph of over the interval -L x 2L.

c. Draw a graph of over the interval -L x 2L. d. What is the probability that an electron is in the interval 0 x L/3?

The Value of Probability is.

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Step by Step Solution

Use the equations of normalization to determine the value of constant and the formula of probability to determine its value

Sub part (a) step1:

For the probability interpretation of to make sense the wave function must satisfy the following equation

The above integrals is expanded as follows

The wave function is defined only in the region therefore substitute csin for thye second integral and zero for the rest of regions

consider the following trigonometric relation

Hence substitute for sin2 AND SOLVE FOR C

Thus the step was

Sub part (b) step2:The graph of  over the interval is represented as follows

Subpart (c) step 3:The graph of  over the interval  is represented as follows


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