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Q. 42

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics
Found in: Page 956

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Short Answer

Because sound is a wave, it's possible to make a diffraction grating for sound from a large board of sound-absorbing material with several parallel slits cut for sound to go through. When sound waves pass through such a grating, listeners from the grating report "loud spots" on both sides of center. What is the spacing between the slits? Use for the speed of sound.

The Speed of sound in slits spacing is,

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Step by Step Solution

Step: 1 Grating:

A diffracted is an optical device that splits (disperses) light that is made up of several distinct wavelengths (e.g., white light) into light components by wavelength. A grating with a large number of uniformly spaced parallel slits is the most basic variation.

Step: 2 Equating equation:

Grating equation as

Spacing parameter as

Step: 3 Slit spacing:

The spacing as

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