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Chapter 11: Angular Momentum

Physics For Scientists & Engineers
Pages: 335 - 362

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43 Questions for Chapter 11: Angular Momentum

  1. Question: A rotating wheel requiresrotating through 37.0 revolutions. Its angular speed at the end of theinterval is. What is the constant angular acceleration of the wheel?

    Found on Page 335
  2. Question: The tub of a washer goes into its spin cycle, starting from rest and gaining angular speed steadily for, at which time it is turning at. At this point, the person doing the laundry opens the lid, and a safety switch turns off the washer. The tub smoothly slows to rest in. Through how many revolutions does the tub turn while it is in motion?

    Found on Page 335
  3. Question: A wheel 2.00m in diameter lies in a vertical plane and rotates about its central axis with a constant angular acceleration of 4.00 rad/s2. The wheel starts at rest at t=0, and the radius vector of a certain point on the rim makes an angle of57.3o with the horizontal at this time. At,t=2.00 s find (a) the angular speed of the wheel and, for point P, (b) the tangential speed, (c) the total acceleration, and (d) the angular position.

    Found on Page 335
  4. Question: A car accelerates uniformly from rest and reaches a speed of 22.0m/s in 9.00s. Assuming the diameter of a tire is 58.0cm, (a) find the number of revolutions the tire makes during this motion, assuming that no slipping occurs. (b) What is the final angular speed of a tire in revolutions per second?

    Found on Page 335
  5. Question: In a manufacturing process, a large, cylindrical roller is used to flatten material fed beneath it. The diameter of the roller is 1.00m, and, while being driven into rotation around a fixed axis, its angular position is expressed asθ=2.50t2-0.600t3 whereθ is in radians and t is in seconds. (a) Find the maximum angular speed of the roller. (b) What is the maximum tangential speed of a point on the rim of the roller? (c) At what time t should the driving force be removed from the roller so that the roller does not reverse its direction of rotation? (d) Through how many rotations has the roller turned between t=0 and the time found in part (c)?

    Found on Page 335
  6. Question: Find the net torque on the wheel in Figure P10.27 about the axle through a=10.0 cm, taking and b=25.0 cm.

    Found on Page 335
  7. 2.00mQuestion: The fishing pole in Figure P10.28 makes an angle of20.0o with the horizontal. What is the torque exerted by the fish about an axis perpendicular to the page and passing through the angler’s hand if the fish pulls on the fishing line with a forceF→=100 Nat an angle37.0o below the horizontal? The force is applied at a point from the angler’s hands.

    Found on Page 335
  8. Question: A uniform, thin, solid door has height 2.20 m, width 0.870 m, and mass 23.0 kg. (a) Find its moment of inertia for rotation on its hinges. (b) Is any piece of data unnecessary?

    Found on Page 335
  9. Question: Figure P10.41 shows a side view of a car tire before itis mounted on a wheel. Model it as having two side-walls of uniform thickness 0.635 cm and a tread wall of uniform thickness 2.50 cm and width 20.0 cm. Assume the rubber has uniform density 1.10 3 103 kg/m3. Find its moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to the page through its center.

    Found on Page 335
  10. Question: Three identical thin rods, each of length L and mass m, are welded perpendicular to one another as shown in Figure P10.43. The assembly is rotated about an axis that passes through the end of one rod and is parallel to another. Determine the moment of inertia of this structure about this axis.

    Found on Page 335

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