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Physics For Scientists & Engineers
Found in: Page 335

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Short Answer

Question: A rotating wheel requires rotating through 37.0 revolutions. Its angular speed at the end of the interval is. What is the constant angular acceleration of the wheel?

The solution of the constant angular acceleration is α=13.7rad/s2.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Converting the given units and deriving angular speed

First converting units:

Multiply the angular speed ωi by a conversion factor to convert its units from

(rev/min) to (rad/sec)


Second, solving the problem:

Model the wheel as a rigid object under constant angular acceleration and use the following equation to find the initial angular speed.


Solve for ωi


Substitute the known numerical values.


Step 2: Deriving the equation and finding angular acceleration

Use the following equation to find the angular acceleration of the wheel:


Solve for (α).


Substitute for ωi from Equation (1) in Equation (2).


Solve for (α)


Substitute numerical values.


Hence, the answer is 13.7rad/s2.

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