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Q. 30

Physics For Scientists & Engineers
Found in: Page 868

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Short Answer

For your senior project, you would like to build a cyclotron that will accelerate protons to 10% of the speed of light. The largest vacuum chamber you can find is 50cm in diameter. What magnetic field strength will you need?

You will need the magnetic field strength is 1.25T

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Step by Step Solution


The given is the speed of the particle is 10% of the speed of light and the diameter of the chamber is 50cm. The objective is to find the magnetic field strength.

Step 1

The cyclotron motion is defined as a particle traveling in a uniform circular motion perpendicular to the magnetic field at a constant speed. The radius of the circular motion produced by the magnetic field is related to it by an equation in the form

rcyc =mvqB

Where q denotes the particle's charge, v denotes its speed, B denotes the magnetic field, and m denotes the particle's mass. Because the particle's speed is 10%

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