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Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement

Physics For Scientists & Engineers
Pages: 2 - 20

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86 Questions for Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement

  1. A calculator displays a result as1.3652480×107kg. The estimated uncertainty in the resultis.±2%How many digits should be included as significant when the result is written down? (a)zero (b) one (c) two (d) three (e) four.

    Found on Page 14
  2. Figure P1.10 shows a frustum of a cone. Match each of theexpressions(a)π(r1+r2)[h2+(r2−r1)2]1/2, π(r1+r2)[h2+(r2−r1)2]1/2(b) and(c)πh(r12+r1r2+r22)/3with the quantity it describes: (d) the total circumference of the flat circular faces, (e) the volume, or (f) the area of the curved surface.

    Found on Page 15
  3. Kinetic energy K(Chapter 7) has dimensions kg.m2/s2 . It can be written in terms of the momentum p(Chapter 9) and mass mas

    Found on Page 15
  4. Newton’s law of universal gravitation is represented by

    Found on Page 16
  5. The position of a particle moving under uniform acceleration is some function of time and the acceleration. Suppose we write this position asx=kamtn, where k is a dimensionless constant. Show by dimensional analysis that this expression is satisfied if m=1 and n=2. Can this analysis give the value ofk?

    Found on Page 16
  6. (a) Assume the equation x=At+3Bt describes the motion of a particular object, with having the dimension of length and having the dimension of time. Determine the dimensions of the constants A and B .

    Found on Page 16
  7. Question: Why is the following situation impossible? In an effort to boost interest in a television game show, each weekly winner is offered an additional $ 1 Million bonus prize if he or she can personally count out that exact amount from a supply of one-dollar bills. The winner must do this task under supervision by television show executives and within one 40 hours work week. To the dismay of the show’s producers, most contestants succeed at the challenge.

    Found on Page 19
  8. A solid piece of lead has a mass of23.94 gand a volume of2.10 cm3.From these data, calculate the density of lead in SI units (kilograms per cubic meter).

    Found on Page 16
  9. An ore loader moves1200 tons/hfrom a mine to the surface. Convert this rate to pounds per second, using1 ton =2000  lb.

    Found on Page 16
  10. A rectangular building lot has a width of 75.0ft and a length of125ft .Determine the area of this lot in square meters

    Found on Page 16

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