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Physics Principles with Applications
Found in: Page 131
Physics Principles with Applications

Physics Principles with Applications

Book edition 7th
Author(s) Douglas C. Giancoli
Pages 978 pages
ISBN 978-0321625922

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Short Answer

While driving fast around a sharp right turn, you find yourself pressing against the car door. What is happening?

(a) Centrifugal force is pushing you into the door.

(b) The door is exerting a rightward force on you.

(c) Both of the above.

(d) Neither of the above.

The correct option is (b) the door is exerting a rightward force on you.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Understanding the centripetal force

A centripetal force is a net force which will acts on any system to keep it moving along a circular path. In this problem, analyze the force that works against the car door.

Step 2. Finding the application of centripetal force and determining the correct option

The centrifugal force is not forcing you towards the car's door. But due to the body's inertia, you tend to continue moving in a straight line.

Thus, option (a) is not correct.

When the car moves in the right direction, the car's door pushes you and forces you to move away from that straight line. A centripetal force, applied by the car’s door pushes you to move into a circular path.

The car's door exerts the force on you, which acts in the right direction.

Thus, option (b) is correct.

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