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Physics Principles with Applications
Found in: Page 18
Physics Principles with Applications

Physics Principles with Applications

Book edition 7th
Author(s) Douglas C. Giancoli
Pages 978 pages
ISBN 978-0321625922

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Short Answer

One hectare is defined as 1×104 m2. One acre is 4.356×104 ft2. How many acres are there in one hectare?

There are possibly 2.471088267 acres in one hectare.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Converting one acre into meters

To measure the pieces of land, a unit known as an acre is used. One acre is equivalent to 4047 square meters and 4840 square yards.

Using the formula to express one acre in meters, you get

1 acre=4.356×104 ft2×1 m210.764 ft2=4046.8 m2.

Step 2. Converting acres into hectare

In the metric system, one hectare is the unit of measurement of area. For example, the area of a piece of land. One hectare is equivalent to 10000 square meters.

Using the formulate to determine the number of acres in one hectare, you get

N=1 acre1 hectare=1×104 m24046.8 m2=2.471088267.

Thus, the number of acres in one hectare is N = 2.471088267.

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