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Physics Principles with Applications
Found in: Page 359
Physics Principles with Applications

Physics Principles with Applications

Book edition 7th
Author(s) Douglas C. Giancoli
Pages 978 pages
ISBN 978-0321625922

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Short Answer

A student’s weight displayed on a digital scale is \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.2}}\;{\bf{lb}}\). This would suggest her weight is

(a) within\({\bf{1\% }}\)of\({\bf{117}}{\bf{.2}}\;{\bf{lb}}\).

(b) exactly \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.2}}\;{\bf{lb}}\).

(c) somewhere between \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.18}}\;{\bf{lb}}\) and \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.2}}\;{\bf{lb}}\).

(d) somewhere between \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.0}}\) and \({\bf{117}}{\bf{.4}}\;{\bf{lb}}\).

The weight of the student is somewhere between \(117.18\;{\rm{lb}}\)and \(117.22\;{\rm{lb}}\).

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Precision and accuracy  

Precision is the term used to symbolize that any certain individual refers to an exact and specific object. On the other hand, accuracy refers to the degree of closeness of a measurement to the original value of the object.

A digital scale gives variations in the measurement values because of the approximation or precise error. Mostly, in physics, approximation is not considered.For example, in problems of friction, air resistance is neglected, but it exists in the real world. So, similarly, youshould be aware of the approximations and significant figures.

Step 2: Digital scale

Whilemeasuring the weight of a student using a digital scale, approximation should be taken into consideration. In the given case, the weight of the student should be somewhere between \(117.0\;{\rm{lb}}\)and \(117.4\;{\rm{lb}}\).

Option (d) is the correct answer asthe weight of the studentlies somewhere between \(117.0\;{\rm{lb}}\)and \(117.4\;{\rm{lb}}\).

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