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Chapter 4: Electromagnetism

University Physics with Modern Physics
Pages: 682 - 1076
University Physics with Modern Physics

University Physics with Modern Physics

Book edition 14th edition
Author(s) Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman
Pages 1596 pages
ISBN 9780321973610

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1026 Questions for Chapter 4: Electromagnetism

  1. In an L-R-C series circuit, what criteria could be used to decide whether the system is over damped or underdamped? For example, could we compare the maximum energy stored during one cycle to the energy dissipated during one cycle? Explain.

    Found on Page 1013
  2. In an electric trolley or bus system, the vehicle motor draws current from an overhead wire by means of a long arm with an attachment at the end that slides along the overhead wire. A brilliant electric spark is often seen when the attachment crosses a junction in the wires where contact is momentarily lost. Explain this phenomenon.

    Found on Page 1013
  3. An electron at pointAinFig. E27.15has a speedv0of1.41×106m/sFind (a) the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field that will cause the electron to follow the semicircular path fromAtoB, and (b) the time required for the electron to move fromAto

    Found on Page 937
  4. A 140-g ball containing excess electrons is dropped into a 110-m vertical shaft. At the bottom of the shaft, the ball suddenly enters a uniform horizontal magnetic field that has magnitude 0.300 T and direction from east to west. If air resistance is negligibly small, find the magnitude ond direction of the force that this magnetic field exerts on the ball just as it enters the field.

    Found on Page 937
  5. In a cyclotron, the orbital radius of protons with energy 300keVis 16.0cm. You are redesigning the cyclotron to be used instead for alpha particles with energy 300keV. An alpha particle has chargeq=+2e and mass m=6.64×10-27kg. If the magnetic filed isn't changed, what will be the orbital radius of the alpha pa

    Found on Page 937
  6. A beam of protons traveling at 1.20 km/s enters a uniform magnetic field, traveling perpendicular to the field. The beam exits the magnetic field, leaving the field in a direction pependicurlar to its original direction (Fig. E27.24). The beam travels a distance of 1.10 cm while in the field. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field?

    Found on Page 937
  7. Are Motional emfs a Practical Source of Electricity? How fast (in \({\bf{m}}/{\bf{s}}\) and \({\bf{mph}}\)) would a \({\bf{5}}.{\bf{00}} - {\bf{cm}}\) copper bar have to move at right angles to a \({\bf{0}}.{\bf{650}} - {\bf{T}}\) magnetic field to generate \({\bf{1}}.{\bf{50}}\,{\bf{V}}\) (the same as a AA battery) across its ends? Does this seem like a practical way to generate electricity?

    Found on Page 983
  8. A coil has a resistance of 48.0 Ω. At a frequency of 80.0 Hz the voltage across the coil leads the current in it by 52.3°. Determine the inductance of the coil.

    Found on Page 1046
  9. A uniform rectangular coil of total mass \(212\;{\rm{g}}\) and dimensions \(0.5\;{\rm{m}} \times {\rm{1}}\;{\rm{m}}\) is oriented with its plane parallel to a uniform \(3\;{\rm{T}}\) magnetic field (Fig. E27.43). A current of \(2\;{\rm{A}}\) is suddenly started in the coil.

    Found on Page 950
  10. Both circular coils A and B (Fig. E27.44) have area\(A\)and\(N\)turns. They are free to rotate about a diameter that coincides with the\(x\)axis. Current\(I\)circulates in each coil in the direction shown. There is a uniform magnetic field\(\vec B\)in the\( + z\)dire

    Found on Page 950

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